NHS Preservation Pledge

I will do everything in my power to support an NHS which is:

  • Free at the point of use;
  • Comprehensive in its coverage;
  • Adequately resourced to provide a high service level;
  • Funded through progressive taxation; and
  • Governed on behalf of patients and taxpayers

Specifically, if elected, I will:

  • Oppose at every opportunity any further increase in co-payment (e.g. higher prescription charges, charges for services which are currently free, etc)
  • Oppose at every opportunity any further reduction in capacity or coverage (no treatments stop being available on the NHS; no local facilities closed)
  • Oppose at every opportunity any seat on local NHS Integrated Care Boards being given to corporate members who have a legal duty to their shareholders rather than patients and taxpayers.

Sign the Pledge: Email love@nhs2.uk

To sign the NHS Preservation Pledge, please email your Name and Ward to love@nhs2.uk