LoveNHS is a coalition of NHS and Civil Society campaigning organisations and comprises:

Since 2021 the LoveNHS Coalition has been researching the Bill and its likely impact and has been campaigning for parliamentarians to oppose the Bill in its current form, including by submission to the Bill Committee and by open letter to parliamentarians, additionally signed by Stephen Fry.

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Sign the Open Letter to Stop the Health and Care Bill

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Writing Tips

Guidance For Writing

Firstly, please remember to be respectful and courteous

What to include in your letter – which can be as long or short as you like?

Write Offline

Letter writing guidelines for Love NHS Campaign

We know that constituents can exert real pressure on MPs – the public outcries in favour of free school meals and on sewage pollution are testament to this. MPs do not like to feel that they have lost the support of their constituents and hence might lose their vote – particularly in marginal constituencies.

What works best?

When writing to your MP, be courteous and concise. A short letter which makes your points clearly will have greater impact than a long rambling letter.

Highly personalised letters have the greatest impact (either handwritten or printed and delivered by post or by email). MPs tend to largely discount ‘template’ letters.

What should be in your letter?

Your letter should ideally contain:

Letters need to be signed by the individual and contain their address and postcode – MPs will ignore letters that do not come from one of their constituents.

More Information About The Bill

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This will be the hardest winter ever in health and social care. We must act to safeguard services for patients and service users, boost staff morale and tackle the mental health crisis among health and care staff. Emergency funds must be secured now to avert disaster.

Day of Action – SOS NHS – 26th February 2022 -

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